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The author dexterously paints history-drenched snapshots from the lives of three generations in Ali's family and reveals how, as Jews, they survived such relentless events of twentieth-century Russia as the Second World War, Stalin's purges, and the fall of communism.
We crave prodigious word plays and dexterously crafted poems in the spoken word, rhyming hip hop lines and soothing, suave words in love ballads.
The other man would rob the wallet dexterously, he pointed out.
A bunch of ingenious services will dexterously make the tedious task of relocation an easy one," he added.
It's a tribute to how dexterously Our Souls explores all aspects of this relationship that some of the film's best moments don't depend on dialogue, like a silent scene in a pickup truck (so good it's used in the trailer) scored by Etta James' knockout version of A Sunday Kind of Love.
Reading Offspring of a Paradise transports the reader right into the dilemma of the oppressed; writer Abdi dexterously promotes the concept that reader are in the thick of what may well have taken place many times and in many areas all through that difficult, worrying period.
O'Brien shuffles their stories dexterously, revealing the diverse cast of an increasingly fraught, multicultural Europe.
An aortoiliac bypass was performed using Dacron graft (fig-2) and subsequently a massive clot weighing 2 kilogram was dexterously removed.
First and foremost, it has to be seen how dexterously he handles the 'Sasikala factor'.
Today, we are living in the age of science and technology, and it's a dire need of the day that we should positively and dexterously contribute in science and technology to compete elegantly with the modern world," the Vice Chancellor added.
It was a tidy stand from the lowerorder pair, with Moeen deflecting the ball dexterously and Woakes chipping in with some confident, orthodox strokes.