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Between the lines, the book shows Lynn's work in relation to the evolution of more and more dextrous hardware and software, which allow Lynn's practice to be at its most vivacious.
Having culturally dextrous employees allows a business to get the best from its talent," says Reid, who travels to China three to four times a year to do consulting work with recently graduated Chinese Ph.
The COMFISCS team, consisting of LT Carrie Kimball, LT Alisha Baugh, LTJG Ben Nichols, Ernesto Cruz, Armando Caalim, James Edwards and Eric Schlkins, spent four weeks in Bahrain assisting Fleet and Industrial Supply Center (FISC) Sigonella Site Bahrain to prepare HM-15, HSL-26, Aircraft Intermediate Maintenance Department (AIMD), USS Gladiator (MCM 11), USS Dextrous (MCM 13), USS Ardent (MCM 12), and USS Scout (MCM 8) to utilize services of the newly established Hazardous Minimization (HAZMIN) Center.
Machines today are faster, more accurate, more dextrous, more reliable and more consistent than any craftsman could ever be.
Dextrous use of the pneumatic engraving tool was required because many of these trilobites occur on bedding planes that are covered with silty and clayey dolomite.
It would have taken an incredibly dextrous and determined set of people to remove it.
He has collected as many engaging stories as recipes, and, as accompanying side dishes he invites us to savour slices of real Arab life in his witty, evocative recollections, of his childhood in Nablus, as an Arab student in Spain, his picaresque travels around the Maghreb and tragic-comic tales of Libyan fanatics, eccentric sheikhs, dervishes, dextrous Lebanese and devious Bedouin women.
As well as his dextrous work with the more emotive aspects of the book, there is another facet of 'Frank Skinner' which stands as a testament to his lengthy schooling - Skinner holds an MA in English Literature.
Rousing, angry and poetically dextrous screeds like ``Dragging My Own Tombstone'' and ``Walking on Hell's Roof Looking at the Flowers'' fit nicely here with the more introspective likes of the badly lived life lament ``Circle Tour'' and a bar-busting version of the traditional ``When I Get My Reward.
His rise to local prominence was due to the dextrous performance of magic on the altars of his church and elsewhere.
With hands as dextrous as a monkey's, this small mammal, a member of the bear family, can strip a corn patch, breaking stalks and ruining much more corn than it eats.
I firmly believe that the benefits of the RAE can be considerable, and by dextrous policing and controls the red-braced wide boys beginning to pop up in the university system will be kept in their place - subservient to the will of the academics.