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Thampu posted on Facebook that the sexual harassment complaint against a professor was a ' diabolic lie'
While it was musically vivid, sadly (and it's hard to say this because Lindberg is so delightful) much of the dialogue - delivered by its creator between impossibly speedy squirls of trombone and rampant orchestration, and some terrific percussion - was also on the diabolic side.
The devil is in the numbers, hopefully, this is not just a diabolic accounting game.
The trailer of "Maleficent" shows Angelina Jolie, who plays the diabolic villain from the classic fairytale "Sleeping Beauty", at her evil best.
that in the framework of my visit to Poland, I wanted to visit this silent and solemn memorial of the diabolic crime.
That was the highlight of the show since its diabolic first night.
Why did the diabolic death object that killed our Lord and Savior become a symbol in the first place?
Is there indeed a diabolic force at work in our midst, a satanic figure with leathery wings and the breath of a carrion eater?
Now more and more youngsters, all Africans are being found in the Metropolis, tortured and even killed by dark-age adults who packed undeclared belief in diabolic possession and witchcraft in their luggage while seeking entry to Britain.
Published, with a wry, almost diabolic sense of humour to coincide with the celebration of the Queen's diamond jubilee, the outstanding cover designed by Paul Smith sets the tone.
The court told additional solicitor general, Harin Raval, that they had lived in that part of the country (Punjab) where, because of violence over granting mercy to a diabolic killer, the state has suffered tremendously.
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