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The higher RPMs displayed the diabolically combined functionality of the Jessee-Converse hybrid.
Having his first-ever competitive race over the sticks and diabolically drawn against experienced campaigners, Mario Lanfranchi's runner was a joy to watch.
One consequence of Canadian churches in the 21st century being nearly-silent in their prophetic role is the grotesque and deadly fact that, with all the blessings of life in Canada, we nevertheless join the rest of the have-nations in the diabolically perverse distortion of economic and governmental policy whereby the rich get richer and the middle class and the poor get poorer.
That's because parcels from Flipkart are the most diabolically sellotaped parcels EVER, designed to make grown women weep.
A diabolically well-packaged, highly readable screed ostensibly about the art of obsessive parenting.
Ireland are an ageing team, who performed decently against New Zealand and diabolically against South Africa in autumn defeats, but they will receive a boost from stepping out for the first time at their new Aviva Stadium.
He also has performed the diabolically difficult Aureole solo that Taylor created for himself.
Nowadays Girl" also comes just a year after the diabolically merciless "Laugh and Shot Dem," a duet with once-close friend and current iron-fisted dancehall ruler, Vybz Kartel.
Carbon dioxide is insidious pollution; without odour, taste or colour, it diabolically causes global harm at limited personal cost.
Poison ivy (Rhus toxicodendron) protects its territory diabolically.
His answers are by no definition lethal and getting him remotely interested in a subject, say even his lead role in the action flick ETPOO can have a diabolically droopy effect on the interviewer.
This diabolically addictive game is readily accessible to all players.