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is still an IPA diacritic, able to be applied to any symbol with impunity, at least in theory.
In katakana, double-length is shown with a diacritic called a long mark.
The full or initial vowel signs further differ from those of Brahmi in that they are all constructed from the basic vowel sign for a to which are affixed the postconsonantal vowel diacritics to form initial i, u, and so on: thus [LANGUAGE NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] = initial a/a, while [LANGUAGE NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] = initial i/i/.
This dot was inherited from the older Ricci-Trigault transcription, and it was clearly used there as a vowel diacritic.
The problem with modern written Arabic is that often the diacritics (pronunciation accents) have been removed.
However, there is also ample evidence for the diacritic use of <CC> digraphs in Old English MSS.
That mark above the letter 'C' on Nikica Jelavic's jersey is a diacritic - a mark used to aid pronunciation and tell you that Jelavic should be pronounced Jelavitch, not Jelavick.
Note that the apostrophe in English counts as a diacritic and not as a letter, in contrast to a language like Hawai'ian, in which the apostrophe is a letter indicating the presence of a distinct sound, i.
The basic letter of serif fonts has a certain style and contrast that is missing in the diacritic design.
Ultimately, motion 95-M1 In principle the UTC is infavor of encoding additional diacritic combining characters for productive extension of the Arabic script failed to pass, and I do not think the committee is likely to reconsider this question now.
Diacritic design problems in the letter dcroat are: asymmetry, width harmony, and cultural preferences.