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Sangtec Molecular Diagnostics (SMD) is an innovative company specialized in developing, producing and marketing human clinical molecular diagnostic assays.
Mansoor Mohammed has been appointed President and CEO of its CombiMatrix group's subsidiary, CombiMatrix Molecular Diagnostics, Inc.
VGI provides a strong complement to Bayer's molecular diagnostic products and initiatives.
Results from a recent study conducted by researchers at New York University (NYU) School of Medicine1 show the MESOMARK([R])Assay, the world's first and only in vitro test for monitoring mesothelioma developed by Fujirebio Diagnostics, Inc.
IGEN had declined to produce documents relating to Eisai, thus requiring Roche Diagnostics to seek an order from the Court.
New Noninvasive Diagnostic Products--Potential Impact on Prenatal Market
The increasing incidence of diabetes and the resulting higher volumes of diagnostic tests are bound to support this strong growth.
com/reports/c47397) has announced the addition of In Vitro Diagnostics Deals: Therapeutic Area Trends to their offering.
com/reports/c46334) has announced the addition of "Chinese Diabetes Diagnostics Markets" to their offering.
Molecular diagnostics increasingly utilize multiplexing platforms such as DNA microarrays that perform parallel biomarker analyses in order to provide more comprehensive clinical information.
IVAX Diagnostics also preliminarily reported net revenues for the third quarter of 2006 of $4,852,000, a 3.
Antibacterial diagnostic technologies: a review of technologies, including phenotypic and molecular tests as well as biological markers.

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