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Commonly used tests are not sufficiently diagnostically sensitive, particularly in asymptomatic women, and tests with sufficient diagnostic sensitivity are expensive.
Diagnostically, we employ the use of minilaparoscopic instrumentation in conjunction with hysteroscopic metroplast adhesiolysis, or tubal cannulation.
Diagnostically ambiguous Spitzoid melanocytic tumors with "positive" sentinel lymph nodes in children and teenagers.
The information in all the bit planes will be encoded for diagnostically important regions and the information in LSB planes are excluded from encoding for less important regions.
It takes extraordinary knowledge about the details of what we do diagnostically or surgically to define the steps of our procedures well enough to program a simulator.
The most diagnostically useful sign is cervical emphysema, which may occur immediately, or as late as two weeks after perforation.
1) CT scans use multiple x-rays to create three-dimensional images that are diagnostically useful but expose people to far more radiation than conventional x-rays.
Anxiety can be generalized in nature, or can involve a specific constellation of anxiety symptoms that are diagnostically distinguishable across the various anxiety disorders, such as panic disorder, specific phobia, or social phobia (APA, 2000).
A laundry list of features associated with various infectious diseases tells only part of the story and is diagnostically unhelpful unless placed in the proper time sequence.
Traditional qualitative analysis, even where it was accurately carried out, meant that the results for different members of the same chemical family, and sometimes even for different chemical families, were so close as to fall within reasonable limits of experimental error, and so were diagnostically inadequate.
We accept that kids have to be tested but through your day-to-day work you are diagnostically testing children.
Although bacteria are normally present in the vaginal area, some of us think that it would be diagnostically important.

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