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Fold it in half diagonally again each other, towards the centre, to create an arrow shape.
The last pair will be looped diagonally to the upper central peg.
Pedestrians tend to cross perpendicularly, not diagonally, anyway.
When we play the ball diagonally we have Shane Long, Conor Sammon and Robbie Keane.
The design was unanimously selected for its central concept of moving diagonally through space.
As the ball is forced down the sideline, the off-the-ball "wing" (WW2 in this case) diagonally drops to the middle of the press offense to prevent any penetrating passes to that area.
Passing through the doors, you find yourself standing above the corner of a sunken and diagonally oriented square patio as the two walls, now seen as extending upwards from the patio's two closest sides, form a gigantic gesture of open-handed offering.
In the moment, Aitken dangles his responses in front of us on eleven large plasma-screen monitors, arranged in an S-curve that here diagonally bisected a darkened room.
Start from a standing position, and with your right leg, take a lunge diagonally forward.
K-M's RTP system starts by extruding an HDPE inner tube, which is over-wrapped diagonally with two to four layers of a composite tape of nylon, PET, or glass fibers impregnated with PE.
Cross the second field diagonally to a gate at the end of a farmyard.