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Note that the EMF is a modelling framework with code generation facilities for defining structural data models, but the functionality for creating diagrammatic DSMLs is not in the scope of the EMF.
The elements of a diagrammatic system create value in relation to each other, not as an image of or stand-in for something else.
Wuthrich's second line of argument, concerning the conceptual changes brought about through Feynman's introduction of diagrammatic techniques, is somewhat less straightforward.
These are important questions, considering Docker uses this diagrammatic framework to assess the existence of genocides throughout history.
Reading the book as a 'mature' Australian intensive care unit specialist, I was unimpressed by several aspects of the content and structure; one or two of the diagrams are a little too simplistic and diagrammatic, the content is cut short without in-depth discussion of the evidence on several important topics, the multiplicity of authors often leads to overlap of content and the order of chapters is illogical, with the anaesthesia section before the resuscitation section.
Students participated in group activities in which they teamed up to develop a specific ecoMachine prototype through the mapping of environmental processes and the application of dynamic process technique, via a process of diagrammatic abstraction, which leads to the formation of digital modeling and physical modeling through rapid prototyping techniques.
It traces the history of sea charts from thirteenth-century portolan wind charts to the diagrammatic charts used to describe pivotal phases of the sea operations during the first Gulf war, in 1991.
It is not possible to replicate the diagrammatic element of either in an email.
A COUPLE of weeks ago, Walkers Crisps, for reasons best known to themselves, managed to miss Anglesey off their 'Walk Trips' diagrammatic map they were using to promote UK tourist attractions, walking and, of course, themselves.
The structure of the virus has been explained in detail but a diagrammatic representation of the virus would have contributed more, making it more understandable, particularly for the students.
Instead of showing the states the usual wag--by their borders and relative sizes--cartograms use diagrammatic shapes to conveg information.