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Wuthrich presents some convincing examples, such as when he shows how the analogy between Moller and Compton scattering, which becomes apparent in the diagrammatic representation, led to an extension of the concept of vacuum polarization; but understandably he tends to overstate the role of Feynman diagrams (e.
In so doing, we can make a case for the diagrammatic nature of poems in general in a way that the exceptional features of this piece demonstrate dramatically.
For additional information: A paper with further description and visuals of the diagrammatic cell language can be found at http://www.
There is a diagrammatic mapping (or a structural analogy) between the form of these Kanji and the concepts that they represent.
Glensor gave a thought provoking, diagrammatic presentation on health disparities and equity, which created very absorbing and challenging discussions.
In addition, the relatively unstructured format allows clients to relate their stories in a straightforward manner without having to adapt their narratives to fit a particular diagrammatic format.
Meanwhile, Feynman, then a professor at Cornell University, learned that his diagrammatic approach could more easily yield similar answers.
The London Underground map was introduced in 1933 as a diagrammatic map after the Underground became too large to be depicted geographically.
A GERMAN liquid soap manufacturer has won a case at the European Court of Justice (ECJ) enabling it to secure the European Union (EU)-wide registration of a diagrammatic trademark.
A student from Stroud Art College produced what looked like a roadsign - a circle within which was a diagrammatic horse jumping a fence.