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The next few pages of the poem display a diagrammatical burst of names of the constellations, all over the place, "all out on the map, named & delivered to sky / because we study in reverse & code a name, color it, it seeps in / marrow-down, and then look up.
I thought that was really diagrammatical of what's wrong with how people think about censorship.
The white paper is also equipped with various diagrammatical and statistical data representations of solar cells in order to deliver a clear understanding of the concepts.
Gessling explained that the qualifying tests which took place at BIBF over the last two weeks included an online computer-based test of English Proficiency, in addition to three critical reasoning tests to assess verbal, numerical, and diagrammatical reasoning.
Byron, an expert in psychometrics and training solutions, offers this guide for individuals who must take tests in diagrammatical reasoning, spatial relations, abstract reasoning, input-type reasoning and other conceptual criteria.
However, the professor not only read it, but discussed the diagrammatical approach with Garrison before its being written.
The second, Culture Fair, is more diagrammatical for people whose first language is not English.
For a good diagrammatical discussion of the scale flexibility and the Antonelli decomposition, see Anderson [1] and Cornes [13].