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The program's similarity to diagrammatical representation of an electrical circuit does not require of programmers any abstract concept of procedural programming languages [36].
In what could be considered a burgeoning information age, our society has become more reliant (often from necessity) on representing information in diagrammatical and graphical forms.
In the complete analysis of the phase- diagrammatical representation, Anderson (1972) shows that using the end-point transversality conditions, it is possible to visualize the optimal behavior for capital Kt and its shadow-price [[lambda].
The authors use contributions from leading experts in IS engineering to compare diagrammatical models for conceptual data and information, enriched conceptualization of subtyping, the enterprise approach, integrated requirement solutions and ORM conceptual schema languages.
But since the new w(gK) curve closely resembles the old and will shift in the same way for the same reasons, we may refer to figure 1 for diagrammatical illustrations of what follows.
This network provides a diagrammatical representation of the relative distances between works, and illustrates structural patterns and differing positions within the network.
10 (single) correspond to the welfare areas of the diagrammatical analysis.
Mahoney's diagrammatical notation is used to highlight causal connections described in the preceding sections (Figure 2).
He added that old emergency signs had not been replaced with ones that were diagrammatical, meaning those who did not speak English would struggle to understand emergency procedure.
My concern here is with the form of these politically charged images, especially since the photographs already seem to lend themselves quite easily to a structuralist reading in which the diagrammatical relationship of whites to blacks in these pictures subverts our commonly held understanding concerning spatial hierarchy.
UML plays a vital role in giving the diagrammatical representation first and then converting it into producer consumer representation.
Some spacecraft photos look rich and crisp; others are washed out, with a few diagrammatical ones nearly impossible to read.