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Informed consent readability and comprehension can therefore be schematised diagrammatically as follows:
We typically view these set partitions diagrammatically as a family of arcs on a row of n nodes so that if i [?
By combining how to group information with previous knowledge of communicating diagrammatically, students were then capable to develop the first assignment: to visually communicate the structure of the selected system.
The relationships between these different ways are represented diagrammatically.
Figure 3 summarizes the results of Table 3 diagrammatically.
14) Figure 1 diagrammatically illustrates the distortion IRR creates in favor of benefits obtained early in the life of the project.
Computer-based simulations (CBSs) are made up of numeric data, which are input into a spreadsheet or software and displayed numerically and diagrammatically.
The regimens are shown diagrammatically on Table 1.
A concept of the hierarchy of power relations or kinship relations, for example, can be understood diagrammatically and expressed visually, but the relations of subordination, exclusion, proximity, prohibition and taboo do not depend on graphical forms for either their enactment or their apprehension in a human community.
Divided Vases--the Balustrade and Garden brings together vessels and facades, for this decorative earthenware piece was both: vessel forms (supporting fronting facades in the two-dimensional shape of a vessel) that were themselves diagrammatically ornamented with the images of vase shapes.
Exercises at the end of every chapter (such as "Using a format of your choosing, diagrammatically represent the plot of any two stories you like.