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Diagrammatically, the induced primed intrinsic affine time coordinate, [phi]c[phi][[?
This would result in two fragments of DNA being produced if the insert was present, including a smaller and larger fragment if the insert was correctly orientated 5' to 3' or more medium sized fragments if there was a 3' to 5' orientation as explained diagrammatically in figure 5 below:
While a detailed discussion of his scheme goes beyond the parameters of this article, a brief explanation of his approach, shown diagrammatically in Figure 1, is necessary for an appreciation of the role of charisma in his overall theory.
The clinical tetrad with an example of a MODY family tree is shown diagrammatically in Figure 8.
The interrelationships of the social determinants of health can be represented diagrammatically, using the concept of an iceberg, where the mortality and visible impacts of illness are at the top of the iceberg, above the waterline.
Another limitation was that relevant data were not reported, or were only represented diagrammatically in some of the trials.
Osundare's poetic vision of change may be represented diagrammatically thus, as we establish once more mythic similarities between Christianity (a redemptive myth) and Marxism: Eden/primitive communism; the fall/the development of private property; the wilderness/class society; the crucifixion / the oppression of the proletariat; the resurrection / the rise of class consciousness; the day of judgement / the revolution; Jerusalem / classless society (see Coupe 70).
In imagining this operation diagrammatically, however, Coleridge in no way reduces its dynamism.
Hagerstrand pioneered this approach to diagrammatically facilitate the tracing and viewing of people's "life histories" and their interaction with others and with their environment in space and time at various spatial and temporal scales.
Diagrammatically, the generic structure potential looks as follows: (TT)^(InI)^(RoD)^(E).
My sense of the literature is that more people assume an overlap: see Horn (Pragmatic, 121) for how the overlap might look diagrammatically.