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Further detail of the full chronology of settlement discussions between Dialectic and the Company can be found at annualmeeting.
In recommending that CMD stockholders vote on Dialectic's GOLD proxy card to elect all three Dialectic nominees, John Fichthorn, J.
One can hardly overstate the value of having these results of Smith's discussion of the uncompleted project, since insofar as the process of preparation repeated the way he began the projects he did complete, it illustrates the presence, from the beginning, of the dialectic of appropriation and application that undergirds all of the travel books.
The result is a refinement of the heuristic notion of dialectic, that is, of precisely that notion that is required to gain explanatory understanding of historical movements in their genetic and dialectical relations to one another.
It is telling that in a recent letter to CMD stockholders, Dialectic said that its nominees will join the Board "with a mandate to fully and objectively explore all strategic alternatives with one goal - the maximization of stockholder value.
Insofar as Dante figures the relationship between the two realms as a dichotomy, the dialectic of the Vita nuova remains one of contradiction underpinning the Incarnation.
The dialectic in practice is very basis of Clausewitzian genius.
The "Either/Or" of dialectic also considered contradiction the starting point for deeper textual analysis, though it often moved in the nebulous realm of verba detached from res.
The pope (in the same book) seems to think that his role should include acting as facilitator for the dialectic.
Such a commentary, for example, could have explored the peculiar dialectic in which Carnival provided an opportunity for both whites and blacks to find merriment and a sort of vicarious liberation by imitating each other.
With apologies to all those who have made careers of the serious study of either Hegel or Darwin, let us briefly compare evolutionary and dialectic theories.
Evolving in a creative dialectic with the documentary (in spite of Grierson or because of him), the rich and vibrant Canadian experimental film tradition continues both to construct and detonate images in order to investigate what is present and, perhaps, illuminate what is absent.