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From the point of view of the dialectician of the Republic, there is thus the following question: If indeed, as Timaeus assumes, there is a world out there that is beautiful when it is in good order, and if it is possible, even if only for a few, to know what is good, then, given the nature of the world out there, with its necessary causality but also its possibility to be ordered, what would be the best order?
Nietzsche is a dialectician through and through and has a dialectical (probably Aristotelian) idea of rhetoric, which is to say, severely biased.
Here one may note the bhakta in Sridhara wins over Sridhara as a dialectician.
Socrates would have been around 36 years old: perhaps at this point in time he was still an inexperienced dialectician and teacher of political philosophy (for he spent the first part of his career studying/teaching natural science).
Augustine, master dialectician and rhetorician, never mounted a formal Christian defense of the Jews, let alone of Judaism, against their actual attackers; such projects lay in the future that his writings partly prepared.
In the first, he regretted Bastiat's opposition to socialism: "Bastiat shines as a dialectician, and his reasonings on free trade are as strictly scientific as those of any one; but his posthumous work (Harmonies Economiques) is written with a parti pris of explaining away all the evils which are the stronghold of Socialists, against whom the book is directed" (CW, 17:1665).
108) The implication of making such a distinction between positive and negative dialectics is that it substitutes a value judgment for analysis; it means the dialectician differentiates between bad (negative) or good (positive) social practices that supposedly flow from the dialectical process.
History provides Freire an ample chance of developing and testing his paradigm of action, not as a liberal, but as a dialectician, revolutionary in his method.
Peter Moloney, former communications expert, linguist, dialectician, leading after-dinner speaker, paratrooper and novice monk, was innocently enjoying his well-earned retirement in his plush Calderstones villa.
It takes a dialectician of supreme talent working within this framework to prevent the history of the Eucharist from collapsing into nightmare, the endless repetition of past events, each as horrifying and fraudulent as the last: the miracle of Passover (a massacre), its recapitulation in the Last Supper (a death sentence), the reprise of that sad meal at Mass (a sacrifice), the mock consecration in Chester's play of the Antichrist (a lie).
The negative dialectician says, "Let's root out what is bad.
While he had a heart as big as a house he was also logic itself, a being of pure reason and a superlative dialectician.