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He joined to these a spiral, two inches in diameter, which terminated in two branch pieces of unequal length, the longer of which, however, was twenty-five feet in height and the shorter only fifteen feet.
But," interrupted the major, "since the weight of a shot is proportionate to its volume, an iron ball of nine feet in diameter would be of tremendous weight.
If we follow the usual proportion," replied Morgan, "a diameter of 108 inches would require sides of two feet thickness, or less.
A shot of 108 inches in diameter, and twelve inches in thickness, would weigh, in cast-iron, 67,440 pounds; cast in aluminum, its weight will be reduced to 19,250 pounds.
The narrower the diameter of your arrow shaft, the less it will drift in the wind and less friction it will create upon contact with your target, resulting in deeper penetration.
Central and Southern Asia will account for 10 percent of the world's Diameter signaling, reaching 62.
The antero-posterior diameter (DAP) at the base is 67 mm and the transverse diameter (DT) at the base is 92.
Diameter signaling controller market is segmented on the basis of application, solution and region.
Transverse Diameter of vertebral canal--it is measured along frontal plane passing through the canals midpoint.
In addition to the diameter 2 property, Abrahamsen, Lima, and Nygaard [1] consider two other formally different diameter 2 properties--the local diameter 2 property and the strong diameter 2 property.
Sewers, which include both storm and sanitary sewers, will continue to be the leading market for large diameter pipe through 2016, accounting for one half of total demand.
Acme Packet (NASDAQ: APKT) reported that BICS, a global provider of international carrier services, has deployed Acme Packet Diameter signaling controller solutions to support its global, next-generation Long Term Evolution data and voice roaming exchange services.