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Connoy, Chief Executive Officer of Diametrics Medical, Inc.
The calculated deviation with this relation depends on many factors: the module, number of worm teeth, locating diameter of the whirling head teeth, diametric coefficient worm number revolutions, and the number of the finishing tools.
The original edition of "Free Market Environmentalism" published in 1991 paired what had heretofore been considered diametric opposites -- environmentalism and the free market.
In the meantime, the management team and I will work to ensure that Diametric Medical's positive momentum continues during Mike's absence.
He contends that the behavior of these elites is characterized by mistrust, double standards, intransparency, and authoritarian-inclined policy-making, particularly in the realms of justice and the rule of law, and that this behavior stands in diametric opposition to the democratic institutional arrangements of their countries.
Mean percent differences of MOR and MOE between diametric outer and adjacent diametric samples of decommissioned CCA-treated southern pine utility poles.
We see the development of these usually diametric styles enlarge as we move through the years: some poems are as terse as haiku ("Three Dawn Songs in Summer") and others as expository as prose or in some cases actually prose ("The Harbor ar Seattle").
But the willingness of people to engage in a sporting venture which for many represents a diametric opposite to their 'normal' lives provides further evidence of sport's ageless appeal, albeit at the extreme end of the sporting spectrum.
lewini, we found a pattern in the follicle development of a diametric type, similar to other carcharhinid sharks (blue shark) (Pratt 1988).
Iran and Turkey demonstrated the diametric opposite.
With a dark, mysterious interior, packed with treasures, it is the diametric opposite of Calvinism.