diametrically opposed

See: opposite
References in classic literature ?
Paul and the Doctor were diametrically opposed to each other in opinion; the former declaring for an immediate appeal to arms, and the latter was warmly espousing the policy of pacific measures.
Then he remembered the underwriters and the owners, the two masters a captain must serve, either of which could and would break him and whose interests were diametrically opposed.
Rouncewell, our views of duty, and our views of station, and our views of education, and our views of--in short, ALL our views--are so diametrically opposed, that to prolong this discussion must be repellent to your feelings and repellent to my own.
On the other hand, the unanimous affirmative answer will be that the return to nature and socialism are diametrically opposed to each other.
LEADING trainers yesterday delivered diametrically opposed views over the BHA's radical and revolutionary decision to scrap the vast majority of juvenile maidens in the first half of the 2016 turf Flat season and replace them with a novice-race system similar to that used over jumps.
Precisely the same underlying facts led to diametrically opposed characterisations.
They stress that given the diametrically opposed attitudes of VMRO-DPMNE and SdSm, the present political agony will continue, and can even lead to possible street protests.
TERMING the alliance between Shiromani Akali Dal and BJP in Punjab as ' immoral marriage', the Congress on Tuesday alleged that both the SAD and BJP have taken diametrically opposed stands on some key issues in the state.
of Munich) argues that we live in a world in turmoil that is facing two diametrically opposed futures: the realization of the cosmopolitan imperative or a systematic dismantling of basic rights and democracy that opens the doors for a neonationalist politics.
In 1967 the population voted overwhelmingly in favour of staying under UK control, in a similar way to the two Spanish territories, but the arguments they have used to retain to control of these are diametrically opposed to the ones they use over Gibraltar.
I am non-aligned regards religion, but religion - whether it's united with or diametrically opposed to other religions - is alive and well across the globe.
Well Plaid Cymru might be comfortable with these diametrically opposed views (Post June 29) but it is not credible with a multi-billion pound potential investment and 6,000 jobs.