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The diaries are formatted with training schedule sections, diet and nutrition advice, core exercises and common problems and injuries.
But a new study from the University of Alberta's Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry shows those well-intentioned diaries may have unintended consequences.
Directort Sean Costigan said: "When the opportunity arose to purchase School Diaries Ltd it was a logical decision, it fits perfectly with our product portfolio and there's high demand across the region with very little in the way of specialist local suppliers.
In the age of social network sites, more 16-19-year-olds are turning to the private world of diaries to jot down their feelings, reports The Mirror.
Diaries will be posted in the last week of November.
A meeting attendee asked how much additional time it takes physicians to read the diaries.
The best diaries are kept by observant people, whose limitations (prejudices, likes, dislikes) are evident, who do not write for publication, who come across as honest or intending to be honest, and whose diary-writing is secret.
APRESS conference on the Adolf Hitler diaries ended in uproar yesterday when two leading British historians clashed over their authenticity.
In the UK, Scandinavia, and other European countries, patient diaries are being explored as a low cost technology to improve the quality of life after critical illness and mechanical ventilation (Combe, 2005; Egerod et al.
In a bid to discover what diaries can offer to history, Rory Bremner meets Victoria Wood, who reveals why she is captivated by the notes of a housewife who lived through the Second World War.
Pennine Acute Trust runs five hospitals in north Manchester and is reviewing the use of hand-held diaries by staff.
Ceaseless Turmoil: Diaries, 1988-1992 is the eleventh volume of prolific chronicler James Lees-Milne's diaries, and surveys his eighties, where his interest in life is as sharp and astute as ever.