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You can understand that this register and diary may implicate some of the first men in the South, and that there may be many who will not sleep easy at night until it is recovered.
From the records of the Colonial Office and from the dead man's diary we learn that a certain young English nobleman, whom we shall call John Clayton, Lord Greystoke, was commissioned to make a peculiarly delicate investigation of conditions in a British West Coast African Colony from whose simple native inhabitants another European power was known to be recruiting soldiers for its native army, which it used solely for the forcible collection of rubber and ivory from the savage tribes along the Congo and the Aruwimi.
The book that you have there--I recognize it as Morgan's diary.
As a matter of course, we took possession of the letters and the Diary, and sealed them up, to be given to the Fiscal.
Clare business, except five or six common exercise books filled with the diary of some English soldier.
The colonel had gone back to his tent, and the men to their pickets; the man with the diary lingered for another four minutes, and saw a marvellous sight.
He had written this diary at the time with a view to his future wife.
Levin, not without an inner struggle, handed her his diary.
but that my Diary is, in fact, a Diary of Ned's life too.
This Penelope offers to do for me by looking into her own diary, which she was taught to keep when she was at school, and which she has gone on keeping ever since.
At this place the entry in the Diary ceases to be legible.