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Former Prime Minister Saad Hariri's description of this latest diatribe as "funny, sad and ridiculous" is a telling comment on the latest remarks' content.
For all the improvements in diabetes care, the survey confirms the significant physical and emotional toll that the disease continues to take," said Kelly Close, founder of The diaTribe Foundation.
Diatribe explores the financial world from the inside, using layman's language and easy-to-understand explanations to make the current crises more readable.
I remembered his words when reading Ian Parri and his vitriolic diatribe about my contribution to the debate on the number of Members of Parliament we should have here in Wales.
An editorial in one of Pakistan's top English newspapers said that Saeed's diatribe, particularly against India, in the presence of mainstream religious leaders raises the question that whether they also support the radical views of groups like the JuD, the front face of the banned extremist group Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT).
It was that simple, but Mr Khan then drifted off into a diatribe about regeneration, employment, council tax rises, severe unemployment, rising social unrest, crime, Gresham and congestion - none of which I mentioned.
However, there was no reason for R Reeves' personal diatribe towards defence secretary Bob Ainsworth, who is very popular in Coventry.
We live in a city that had made great strides in breaking down the barriers of intolerance, where dialogue rather than diatribe achives results.
Beware of Seeking out the Mighty" does Adorno's gap between identity and false identity with a diatribe structured as a negative series of positives.
I AM not surprised to see the diatribe from Rob Pocock regarding my previous letter in which I stated that council areas had vastly improved since tenants purchased them.
Instead, they apparently got a diatribe about bad old greyhound racing and walked out.
Romans originally was not a letter but rather an Epictetus-like diatribe taught by Paul in a schoolroom to his students.