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Interval-scale characteristics were analyzed before and after dichotomization at their medians unless noted otherwise.
The choice of this data-adapted dichotomization allowed the covariates to present an optimized competitor to challenge the predictive power of NT proBNP concentration.
Finally, upon visual inspection of scatterplots and LOWESS curves of observed mortality and hospital volume, and risk-adjusted mortality and hospital volume, we found no evidence of nonlinear associations or evidence to suggest that other transformations or dichotomization thresholds should be considered.
In recent years, feminist scholars and activists have challenged that dichotomization, noting the ways that the supposed separation of public and private spheres has limited the reach of democracy for everyone, and particularly constrained women's roles.
But with the rise of reason during the Enlightenment and the retreat to Scripture in the Protestant Reformation, the stage was set for the demarcation, dichotomization, and disintegration of the relationship between theology and science.
Rather than actually constituting a movement towards a recognition of the artistic, rather than artifactual, value of aboriginal art, however, the exhibition continued to reinforce the colonial dichotomization of the "Modern" Western self and the supposedly atavistic "Native" other (Nemiroff 25).
This dichotomization means that Mexicans (even "high-skilled" Mexicans) receive unequal access to the North American labour market.
In some cases scores on predictor variables were distributed so that breakpoints for dichotomization could not be made at precisely the 75th percentile.
This dichotomization of Web outcomes is a caricature.
Dichotomization was achieved by identifying the median score and coding each subject's score as being either above or below the median score for the sample.
It is therefore argued that sport has been, and continues to be, a site for the construction, reconstruction, strengthening, and naturalization of perceived gender differences, and, further, that it serves to reaffirm the gender dichotomization and the gender order in which the gender categories are differently valued (Birrell & Cole, 1990; Guttman, 1978, 1986; Hargreaves, 1986; Kane & Snyder, 1989; Messner, 1988).
What Smith and Wiseman do not focus on is that underlying this difficulty is the central problem of loss of information through dichotomization (or trichotomization) of continuous variables.