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Prominent, widely spaced veins (1-2 mm apart) radiate outward from endocarp; most are unbranched to the margin, but a few of the veins dichotomize or anastomose once or twice.
New rules of thumb are included such as: Sample size for ratios of means; Very non-significant P-values are very significant; Dichotomize continuous variables for odds ratio analysis; and Correlations need to be substantial to gain advantage in ANCOVA.
A closely connected nosologic issue that reflects similar inclinations is the tendency to dichotomize continuous variables into crude categories of disease and health.
For example, Puritan piety "existed through and depended upon a series of tensions and practices" so that "the ultimate dichotomy of the elect and the reprobate and the tendency to dichotomize within seventeenth-century English discourse underpinned Puritanism" (138).
Some of these fuse in the central axis, while others continue to dichotomize in the leaf bases.
The study also dichotomizes the market based upon demand by capacitance value from 0.
Rather, without the virtues of Dewey's philosophy of education, which sees the "intelligent development of persons as a crucial political endeavor," Rawls's cosntructivism relies too heavily on a Kantian philosophy of freedom, one which dichotomizes reason and inclination as well as subject and object.
Possibly because debate about the founders' intentions dichotomizes sacred and secular in ways foreign to the thought-world of all but the most radical of these historical actors, a winner cannot be declared and the intention of the "First Disestablishment" remains oblique.
The novel dichotomizes not man and woman but hog and human.
Frank dichotomizes modern liberal bioethics and the Socratic approach.
The primitivist tradition dichotomizes Us, mired in civilization and its discontents, from Them, the simple, spiritually fulfilled, distant nomads.
In so clearly differentiating politics and authority from political culture, Tittler dichotomizes action and meaning suggesting throughout his book the primary status of the one and the reflective or representational (at best) value of the other even as his evidence and discussion indicate a much more recursively constructed civic polity.