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The main veins occasionally dichotomize and anatomose and either loop near the margin or join the fimbrial vein.
Is the essence of education to dichotomize the availability of quality education between those with ample finances and those with no financial mobility?
Blake's forwarding of 'the religious idea of a humanised Jesus' perhaps is an example of the way Hobson's intention to dichotomize the religious and the social simply comes unstuck and we realize Blake's original view restating itself, which, like the Buddhist view, saw no valid distinction between political action, social awareness, and spiritual practice.
A liberative social praxis appropriate for Hispanics cannot dichotomize justice from beauty, for Hispanic cultures manifest the abiding esthetic, expressive orientation of their popular Catholicism.
As elsewhere, he reveals the traps that open for those who dichotomize memory and the written record as exclusive categories.
Potential ideologues are evaluated in relation to four ideal characteristics: expressing claims of logical certitude, absolute truth and comprehensive explanation; ascribing value to groups experiencing different social conditions, that is, the tendency to dichotomize people; displaying an immanent historical consciousness as expressed in the blueprints for analyzing and resolving problematic social relations; and possessing a link to the institutional apparatus undergirding an ideological movement.
Scofield, Pape, McCracken, and Maki (1980), in their ecological model of psychosocial adaptation to disability, dichotomize intervention strategies into those which are aimed at the person himself or herself and those aimed at the external environment.
It is uncanny that the country now has as its VP a person who will not dichotomize between her faith and her human reality.
Previously, staging guidelines for SCLC were used primarily by surgeons, whereas medical oncologists have tended to simply dichotomize patients as having extensive or limited disease, Dr.
Both Baker and Ziolkowski dichotomize orality and literacy.
These two approaches will soon dichotomize development work, further compounding the situation.
Throughout, Goldish's quest for the causes that accelerated or inhibited the assimilation of Caribbean Sephardim dichotomizes the region into Jewish/ gentile counterparts, resulting in an almost complete erasure of race and racial identity.