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Table 3: Descriptive analysis of possible influencing factors of academic performance among medical undergraduate students dichotomized into high and low performers Variables Previous examination results Less than 60% 60% and above Total N (%) N (%) N (%) * Fast-food consumption frequency Never 2 (11.
For data analysis, the variable for the last time visiting a dentist was dichotomized as 0-2 or > 2 years, as was done in a previous study (12).
Taking the scores from the dichotomized items, Wilks' [lambda] value revealed the presence of statistically significant differences for gender (Wilks' [lambda] = 0.
Grade level taught was dichotomized into two levels: Grades 1-3 and Grades 4-8.
We need to be much better at articulating the patterns that connect different domains if we are to be able to think better about phenomena such as "mind" and "body" that we have dichotomized so thoroughly.
Response categories were dichotomized with "1" indicating those who feel that cause is very or somewhat important and "0" indicating those who feel this cause is not at all important.
The political reality of Jerusalem in particular and Palestine in general has dichotomized these two peoples in such a way that their polarization has become the norm rather than the exception.
Being from the Middle East, Israelis and Palestinians are confused by their dichotomized identity based both in modernity and antiquity.
Mr Pye: An Ovidian Curse for a Dichotomized Evangelist.
Patients in the inhaled budesonide group were dichotomized by their blood 25(OH)D level.