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BASC-2 T-scores were dichotomized into those in the "at risk" range or higher versus those below the "at risk" cut-off T-score of 59.
Similar to those for the risk variables, the scales in this analysis were dichotomized.
2] for the regression based models and squared correlation between actual and expected costs for the dichotomized risk model.
Moreover, all indices were dichotomized given the limited sample size that would have required a very large effect if each score was treated as a continuous or a categorical variable.
Their prorated sum was then dichotomized into favourable outcome (i.
2] and dichotomized as highest risk quartile vs the 3 lower risk quartiles combined, showed clinical covariates requiring adjustment, significant univariate markers along with corresponding dichotomization cut points, and hazard ratios (HRs) and 95% confidence intervals (CIs) for the 2 final multivariable models.
They've either ignored it or in two cases dichotomized the variable using a threshold of 5 cm," she said.
This second Phase III trial, known as Ancrod Stroke Program-II (ASP-II), will evaluate the dichotomized modified Rankin Scale as the primary endpoint.
Accordingly, we created a dichotomized variable indicating the existence of such pain (referred to as "severe pain").
Age was dichotomized into younger than 50 years or 50 years and older.
The example of Simnani illuminates the shifting historiographical assumptions that have dichotomized Islam into Sunni and Shici from its very inception, assumptions that have led to the ambiguous use or misuse of these terms.
Ziolkowski's dialectical investigation of the Narrative precludes the notion--advanced in this essay--of literacy as involvement, for it presupposes a dichotomized relation between language and context, and between orality and literacy.