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Current central core theory is based on a dichotomous, "black or white" differentiation between central and peripheral elements.
Matrix 8it contains the dichotomous variables used to distinguish the geographic area where the business owned by i was located during period t.
1: The dichotomous accuracy of life expectancy predictions in relation to a spectrum of life expectancy cut-offs.
Dichotomous thinking was assessed using the Dichotomous Thinking Inventory (DTI; Oshio, 2009), comprising three subscales.
This variable was coded into a dichotomous variable where facilities with less than 300 beds were termed as small and medium-sized facilities and coded as '0' and the facilities with 300 or more beds were termed as large facilities and coded as '1'.
This method converts time to an event into a dichotomous variable.
All of the examples of plant compensatory growth that we have documented (see Figure 2) exceed (sometimes by one or two orders of magnitude) the size ranges described for the species in dichotomous keys.
Using this information, we create some measures of weight: the body mass index, or BMI, a dichotomous indicator of being overweight or obese, and a dichotomous indicator of being classified as obese.
Ownhouse is a dichotomous variable that takes the value of 1 if the household owns its house, 0 otherwise.
In the empirical analysis of information asymmetry in automobile insurance markets, prior research used a dichotomous measurement approach that induces excessive bundling in coverage measurements and sample selection biases.
Regarding recent US allegations about the link between Taliban and the ISI, he said it was dichotomous on the part of the Obama administration to expect Pakistanis not to talk to Taliban when the US leadership itself appeared willing to accommodate Taliban in the future political setup in Kabul.
Because slipping--or not slipping--is a dichotomous event, and because Logistic Regression is a mathematical model that can explicitly model dichotomous events, it has recently been utilized in walkway-safety analysis.