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They wouldn't stand for it," said Dick, "and there'd be some shooting
The delighted Dick, with conscious vanity beaming from every feature of his shining face, lightly waved the compliment aside with his handkerchief, as she continued, "But I am forgetting the message.
Excuse me, miss, I don't take--" stammered Dick, scarcely believing his ears.
He, Whiskey Dick, the solicited escort of these two beautiful and peerless girls
The boys might turn to each other in their astonishment, as he proudly passed with his fair companions, and say, "It's Whiskey Dick," but he'd be d d if they should add, "and full as ever.
I--reckon--not, jest now," stammered Whiskey Dick, with a heroic effort.
Dick had been for upwards of ten years endeavouring to keep King Charles the First out of the Memorial; but he had been constantly getting into it, and was there now.
Dick, not only inspired my young breast with some selfish hope for myself, but warmed it unselfishly towards her.
Dick took his finger out of his mouth, on this hint, and stood among the group, with a grave and attentive expression of face.
Dick, who had been rattling his money all this time, was rattling it so loudly now, that my aunt felt it necessary to check him with a look, before saying:
Dick,' said my aunt, 'what shall I do with this child?
Dick considered, hesitated, brightened, and rejoined, 'Have him measured for a suit of clothes directly.