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Opinions of a judge that do not embody the resolution or determination of the specific case before the court. Expressions in a court's opinion that go beyond the facts before the court and therefore are individual views of the author of the opinion and not binding in subsequent cases as legal precedent. The plural of dictum.


n. the plural of dictum.

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Delaware judges have frequently crafted dicta to give
court's historic willingness to wade into dicta to provide guidance
Three of the things that came out of the dicta bother me most.
For additional information on "DC Dicta," contact Susan Bocamazo at 617.
The interest of the Facta et dicta as literature lies in that intersection between rhetorical handbook and stylistic ambition.
The theme is developed with the greatest richness of content and one might use many columns without exhausting the invaluable dicta of men and their institutions which strew the book.
One of the many commendable points about Rudowski's extensive historical critique is the thorough and comprehensive knowledge it reflects of Machiavelli's total canon and how his other writings enlighten and inform the stark dicta of The Prince.