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He gave Philip a glance but did not speak to him; he dictated a letter to the typist, a girl who sat at a small table in one corner; then he asked Philip his name, age, and what experience he had had.
Then we return to the prisoner the valuables he wore at the time of his imprisonment, his clothes and papers, if the minister's orders have not otherwise dictated.
After breakfast Napoleon in de Beausset's presence dictated his order of the day to the army.
he remarked when he had read over the proclamation which he had dictated straight off without corrections.
He remembered his wrestle with the grammar, and dictated.
The first sentence was easily dictated to my patient secretary.
A submissive orchestra dictated to by a spectacled man with frowsy hair and a dress suit, industriously followed the bobs of his head and the waves of his baton.
Sometimes he dictated from his bed, and if in the middle of the night lines came to him, whatever time it was he would ring for one of his daughters to write them down for him, lest the thought should be lost ere morning.
As for his direct family, one astounding clause expressly stated that Wade Atsheler was to dispense to Eben Hale's wife and sons and daughters whatever moneys his judgement dictated, at whatever times he deemed advisable.
Despite the fact, therefore, that all Nietzsche's views in this respect were dictated to him by the profoundest love; despite Zarathustra's reservation in this discourse, that "with women nothing (that can be said) is impossible," and in the face of other overwhelming evidence to the contrary, Nietzsche is universally reported to have mis son pied dans le plat, where the female sex is concerned.
He dictated it aloud, saying: "We must let them share our rejoicing.
Police Directorate and, in response to news reports categorically denied ever being dictated to by inmates interrogated by judges investigating recent Fath al-Islam escape attempt and alleged hanging of an inmate by the same group members.