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Read it please,' he said, when he had finished dictating.
Jellyby, putting a number of papers towards us, "to look over some remarks on that head, and on the general subject, which have been extensively circulated, while I finish a letter I am now dictating to my eldest daughter, who is my amanuensis--"
He spoke with a very slow, distinct voice, as if he was dictating his memoirs, and always looked over the shoulder of the person to whom he was talking.
The next morning, dictating, he concluded that he liked the way she did her hair, though for the life of him he could have given no description of it.
He studied book- keeping and type-writing, and he paid for lessons in shorthand by dictating at night to a court reporter who needed practice.
He speaks with a certain quaintly precise choice of words--more like a man dictating a letter than holding a conversation.
You used to write down what my father said, when he was dictating his letters to you.
We are told that when he was dictating sometimes he sat leaning back sideways in an easy-chair, with his leg flung over the arm.
I tell you he is dictating and cannot be disturbed," was the answer.
Another map hung opposite, on which the whole continent appeared, looking like a whale marked out for blubber, and by its side was a door, shut, but Henry's voice came through it, dictating a "strong" letter.
He sat by John Thornton's fire, a broad-breasted dog, white-fanged and long-furred; but behind him were the shades of all manner of dogs, half-wolves and wild wolves, urgent and prompting, tasting the savor of the meat he ate, thirsting for the water he drank, scenting the wind with him, listening with him and telling him the sounds made by the wild life in the forest, dictating his moods, directing his actions, lying down to sleep with him when he lay down, and dreaming with him and beyond him and becoming themselves the stuff of his dreams.
His mind was full of a prospective deal with a Chicago syndicate for the sale of all his street railways in that city, and so he went on dictating to the stenographer, never giving it a second thought.