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1 is designed as an enterprise-wide dictation management software system for today's document-intensive companies.
In addition to using speech recognition on your desktop computer, dictations and voice files recorded on the go with the Philips dictation recorder app on your smartphone can be automatically run through the speech recognition system.
As per the information shared by the representative of the company, the dictation application can be utilized by diversified industries.
Building Better Dictation Skills provides a phenomenal resource for teachers and students of aural skills.
The systems must be supplied with open interfaces for the integration of Digital Dictation and Speech Recognition Region of Southern Denmark existing Electronic Patient Record.
We are also told that while local dictation is an option in these seeds, the former, cloud-based dictation process is present for certain situations.
Industry leaders continue to search for products that will enable efficient work habits and their recognition of the SpeechMike Premium proves that it is the leader in desktop dictation microphones," said Thomas Brauner, president and CEO of Speech Processing Solutions.
The intended outcome of research is to draw conclusions on use of dictation as a teaching / learning tool at tertiary level.
Nuance also announced that Dragon Dictation supports both US and UK English, with additional language support to be added soon, beginning with German later in July 2010.
me2me AG, supplier of web and voice services today announces the successful completion of a total merger with Swiss compatriot and leading provider of digital dictation products and voice technology iSpeech.
The acquisition, which is part of Auto Time's long-term expansion plan, establishes the company as one the UK's largest suppliers of digital dictation solutions following the purchase of Midland Time Recorders and Dictation Services last year.
Despite these benefits, physicians have been hesitant to accept structured documentation because it requires more time than dictation and does not allow the same level of expressive power.