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Together with the portable Pocket Memo voice recorder or the Philips dictation app for smartphones, it provides the perfect way to make the most of any idle time.
ATLANTA -- Speech Processing Solutions, the market leader in professional dictation systems, today announced that the Philips SpeechMike Premium has been recognized as the best desktop dictation microphone on the market by several key voice technology industry companies and leaders.
Before dictations, the class activities included pair / small group discussions on the ESP theme.
Grundig Business Systems, a specialist developer of professional dictation systems, announced on 24 March the impending release of a new digital dictation software line, DigtaSoft One, due out at the end of the month.
A total of 470 clinic notes were selected for analysis; with 286 notes being partial dictations and 184 notes being full dictations.
With 50 years experience in developing dictation technology, Philips was instrumental in driving the move into the digital era, offering a wide range of digital solutions that provide increased speed of delivery, better quality recordings and higher security of data.
The latest Philips Pocket Memo 7800 and 7820 digital voice recorders bring dictation to a whole new level.
ATLANTA -- Speech Processing Solutions, the market leader in professional dictation systems, today announced the availability of the next version of the Philips SpeechExec for iPhone[R] Recorder application, which enables wireless dictation workflow management for iPhone users.
For more than 50 years, Philips Speech Processing has been the driving force in delivering dictation and speech technologies to users around the world.
VIENNA -- Philips Speech Processing, the market leader in professional dictation, today announced that its SpeechExec dictation workflow solution now fully supports Nuance's Dragon Medical voice recognition.
CONCORD, Ohio -- TranscriptionGear today announced that the Philips SpeechExec Mobile software for iPhone, iPad and BlackBerry smartphones has been integrated with their dictation workflow solutions.