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Earlier, Nawaz also expressed displeasure over the verdict of his disqualification from the party presidency, saying it was like a dictatorial decision.
Bakit, wala pa naman magandang nangyayari pagkatapos ng two years na dictatorial style niya (Why, nothing good has really happened to the country in the two years of his dictatorial style of leadership)," Trillanes replied in a text message when asked to comment on the matter.
So kindly all should be one and we should end the dictatorial regime, now we have to fall on him with the rage.
Melbourne [Australia], Jan 24 ( ANI ): Roger Federer was in a dictatorial form in overcoming Tomas Berdych in the Australian Open quarter-finals in Melbourne.
She remarked dictatorial rule remained in place for 9 years after 1999.
He assured that his party will always stand like iron-wall against the dictatorial forces and continue its legacy of being in forefront for protection and safeguarding the democratic system and human rights in the country.
In the second essay, Nada Halloway reads two of Farah's Variations novels (Sweet and Sour Milk and Close Sesame, but not Sardines) against two of Wole Soyinka's plays from the 1980s, Kongi's Harvest and Opera Wonyosi, in terms of consolidation of dictatorial power.
He stated that people of Pakistan have always stood for democracy and under the democratic leadership fought valiantly against the dictatorial forces that attacked and usurped the right of franchise of the people.
Accusing Bedi of adopting a dictatorial attitude, Tandon quit the party.
He began by going into the Arab world and apologizing for America, and saying we were dictatorial, divisive -- and that we were dismissive of other nations.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Joint presidential candidate Ekmeledidn yhsanoy-lu stated that some attempts to hinder efforts of the Cihan news agency to cover election results are a fascist and dictatorial attitude.
This disturbing lack of any alternative to his own dictatorial rule makes it almost impossible for anyone trying to mediate a way forward to a peaceful end to the Syrian civil war.