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As Gary Taylor points out: "Shakespeare dominates the literary curriculum most dictatorially in the countries of the English-speaking world and in Germany, and all those countries remain overwhelmingly Protestant" (296).
They dispatched a succession of governor-generals to dictatorially rule the roost in the Welsh Office, from the demoted Peter Walker and the bumbling David Hunt to that Vulcan specimen John Redwood, infamous for his goldfish impression as he tried to mime the anthem at a Tory bash.
Valerie's father (Samuel, a lawyer who has just been elected a cabinet minister), is termed a "tirann" (tyrant) because he dictatorially forbids the rest of his family to talk to Valerie.
Pressley issued a barbed dig at Romanov that he must learn to rule less dictatorially when asked if he was supportive of the club owner.
The ruling Fatah faction of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas governed corruptly, ineffectually, and until the death in 2004 of founder Yasser Arafat, dictatorially.
69) However, Hughes was hardly acting dictatorially or 'contrary to law' as his opponents claimed.
227, 236 (1940), and such concerns were not mere historical curiosities:</p> <pre> Today, as in ages past, we are not without tragic proof that the exalted power of some governments to punish manufactured crime dictatorially is the handmaid of tyranny.
The ridiculousness of the children's portrayal of adults dictatorially compels a satirical adult delight, a pleasure that serves no higher educational or moral end but instead caters to a debasing instinct for universal scorn.
This ultimate world-empire would consist of the nations formerly belonging to the Roman Empire, and it would be of "gold and clay," that is, popularly supported but dictatorially led, and legitimized by a new prescribed religion, an apostate form of Christianity.
From a longer-term perspective, however, acting outside international institutions or behaving dictatorially within them cannot fail to undermine seriously the legitimacy of U.
The Estado Novo dictatorially promoted the standardization of the literary genre.
Somalia has been run dictatorially for the past 100 years, first by the colonial state - be it Italy, France, or Britain - and subsequentiy by Siad Barre's dictatorship.