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Kalder started reading the works of dictators around 2011 and somehow managed to finish the requisite reading and complete his own book within the decade.
The former premier said that despite all attacks against democracy by dictators no one could bury it as the masses are aware of their rights now.
We have to take strict decisions to take this country on the right path,' the Pakistan Muslim League-N leader said, adding, 'Not a single elected representative could complete his mandated tenure, whereas the dictators ruled the country for more than 30 years.
I hold no brief for any dictator and am all for trying each one of them for violating Article 6 of the Constitution.
He congratulated Pakistan Muslim League(N) and the allied parties for taking decision on principles and rejected the black law of the dictators, on the floor of the house.
parliament is not ready to provide protection to black law of dictators and the sacred house took a principled decision.
Of course, on closer analysis it will be found that such patriotism or nationalism is not clearly defined by those dictators who appeal to the patriotic sense of their fellow citizens.
It calls for noting that never in history have dictators viewed themselves as "dictators.
Four essays deal with dictators who are composites of tyrants from central and eastern Africa.
Just like dictators, national heroes are enemies of democracy, justice and equality.
THE UN banned Sacha Baron Cohen from shooting scenes for his new film at its HQ - in case it upset real-life dictators, the comic claimed.
It is the continent we should be concerned about, a continent that now stands much weaker and more vulnerable in the absence of one who spoke out without fear against tyrants and dictators.