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An author who had much to do with preparing me for the quixotic folly in point was that Thomas Babington Macaulay, who taught simplicity of diction in phrases of as "learned length and thundering sound," as any he would have had me shun, and who deplored the Latinistic English of Johnson in terms emulous of the great doctor's orotundity and ronderosity.
Now old man, let us 'pud' along; it 's getting late for the chicken," he added, relapsing into the graceful diction with which a classical education gifts its fortunate possessor.
In transcribing his notes and fortifying their claim to attention by giving them something of an orderly arrangement, I have conscientiously refrained from embellishing them with such small ornaments of diction as I may have felt myself able to bestow, which would not only have been impertinent, even if pleasing, but would have given me a somewhat closer relation to the work than I should care to have and to avow.
No pains are spared, no profusion of ornament, no splendour of poetic diction to set off the meanest things.
So reconstructed, the earliest period appears to us as a time of slow development in which the characteristic epic metre, diction, and structure grew up slowly from crude elements and were improved until the verge of maturity was reached.
Moreover, the noble but direct and simple spirit and language of Homer were as different as possible from the spirit and language of the London drawing-rooms for which Pope wrote; hence he not only expands, as every author of a verse-translation must do in filling out his lines, but inserts new ideas of his own and continually substitutes for Homer's expressions the periphrastic and, as he held, elegant ones of the pseudo-classic diction.
Launched in 2003 as an online support site for owner Bard Suverkrop's voice and diction students, IPA Source has since grown into a comprehensive online library of song and opera aria text translations/ pronunciation guides.
The Pittsburgh accent, an odd amalgam of southern twang and lazy East Coast diction -- which turns downtown into ''dahntahn'' and you all into ''yinz'' -- ''worsted'' Scranton by a vote of 10,404 to 8.
The authors use the opening part of the book to describe their automated coding method: DICTION.
The play, starring David Essex, could have probably been adequate entertainment but was badly let down by a sound system which rendered diction, punch lines and actors' efforts at times inaudible and resulted in a major disappointment.
7 levels of sensitivity easy and tactile key pad control, battery test function, battery voltage indication, true mechanical pumping provides positive air flow through sensing tip, cordless and portable, low response time guarantees quick leak diction, quick return to zero-position even after detection of large leaks, comfortable on -hand operation.
They discuss the differences between amateur and professional singers, the rehearsal process and techniques, the anatomy and physiology of the voice, medical care of voice disorders, hearing loss in singers and other musicians, the aging voice, performing arts medicine, seating problems, the history of vocal pedagogy, choral pedagogy and vocal health, voice disorders among choral music educators, choral singing and children, voice building, the choral tone, singing techniques, and diction.