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Whether it be encountered in a lyric diction textbook, a monograph devoted to the song or aria texts of a specific composer, in a journal article, or online, a high degree of uniformity in lyric diction transcription policy is encountered and expected by the reader.
Jargon with very specific meaning, such as "sonorant," "obstruent," "coronal," "continuant," "strident," "feature hierarchy," "distinctive feature," "natural class," "deep structure," "dependency tree," "systematic gap," "suprasegmental," "redundancy," "underlying representation," and "rule ordering," will be familiar to readers possessing undergraduate-level linguistics, but remains largely outside the domain of lyric diction.
To those writing about lyric diction for practicing musicians, such study has seemed both daunting and largely unnecessary for musical purposes.
A common exercise in a lyric diction class involves the alternation of a nasal vowel with its oral equivalent, as in /a/ - /[?
A choice must be made by an author, consciously or otherwise, in lyric diction writing, regarding the level of detail that is to be included in an IPA transcription.
In lyric diction, it is likely to be transcribed /'lI.
For instance, diacritic symbols applied to vowels have been approved by the IPA, but are rarely encountered in the literature on lyric diction.
have any chance of gaining a foothold in lyric diction literature.
It will be up to future literature on lyric diction to take the lead, if the benefits are deemed to outweigh the challenges.
10 US dollars, while pre dictions that the Bank of England will keep interest rates at 5.
A voice is really voices, a gathering of dictions and attitudes that coexist, not always harmoniously, like multiple personalities, or perhaps temperaments or humors.
The book is marred by dozens upon dozens upon dozens of mistakes of spelling, grammar, and diction.

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