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In the abovementioned two cases, the environments for technical exercises could use an input-based step dialog and the environments for building entire solutions could retain the rule-based user interface of CASs (but also include a didactically motivated and task-dependent set of conversion rules).
Delving into the 'Imaginative Discourses of Sexuality, Delightful and Dangerous', the authors of the next two essays explore the sexualized rhetoric of Spenser and Shakespeare, demonstrating that healthy bodies can also be used didactically.
The aphoristic mode becomes normative when expounded didactically in the initiation novel (Goethe's Wilhelm Meister's Apprenticeship; Hesse).
Rather than being taught didactically how to lead, they instead learn experientially.
Indeed, the great novelty lies in how it is presented, because the products are didactically numbered in the correct sequence of use and presented as part of a Treatment.
Didactically stated her story seems over-simple: Hazel Motes, an hysterical fringe preacher, tried to found a church "Without Christ" and, progressively preaching nihilism, negates his way back to the cross.
She abhors the spate of psychological self-help books for children that deal didactically with real-life situations and believes they'll be short lived because they lack the aesthetic qualities necessary to engrave themselves onto children's hearts.
Ethan Hawke's Autolycus, fashioned as a drugged-out Bob Dylan, scored a few jokes but seemed most concerned with didactically reinforcing his idea of the role instead of playing the action.
Rubric for Comic Book History Project Excellent Ideas (50%) The comic book accurately and comprehensively explains all 3 of the following: 1) the Buddha's life story 2) Buddhist religious ideas 3) Axial and Perennial interpretations of Buddha's life and ideas; Ideas arise organically from the story--in other words, ideas are "shown" to the reader, rather than didactically explained.
One precocious 12 year old Hezbollah Girl Guide from Haret Hreik in Dahiyeh, didactically inquired of her American companion from California, "Just how people expect the tiny baby turtles who, Enshallah, will hatch next month and try to crawl to the sea to grow up, can possibly climb over all the beach garbage?