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From Montessori and Waldorf schools to didactically academic schools, from private to church-operated programs, from teacher-directed to hands-on and child-centered options, families that can afford to pay have many choices for their children.
43) does connect well with the next chapter, "The Classical Confucian Concepts of Human Emotion and Proper Humour" by Weihe Xu, which marshals excerpts from well-known texts such as the Liji (Record of rites) and the Lutzyu (The analects) along with recently discovered texts such as Xing zi ming chu (Human nature comes from the decree of Heaven), to argue for a Confucian definition of humor as "a form of private, moderate, good-natured, tasteful and didactically useful mirth" (p.
The critique is not mounted by didactically marshalling material along the lines of most documentary (of both the radical-political sort and the more benignly educational or informational).
In this light, students should be didactically prepared to interpret both paper-based and electronically monitored ECG rhythms, since either paper-based (static) forms of ECG and electronic (dynamic) forms of ECG are used in clinical practice.
Material labeled for lecturers offers didactically useful observations.
Perhaps he viewed religion and magic as closely interconnected also in his own religion and saw no need to didactically inform his audience about inappropriateness of the mutual position of the two in Mongol mentality.
Whereas Tyler's Algerine Captive ends didactically with sentiments indistinguishable from Federalist propaganda--"If [my readers] peruse these pages with attention they will perceive the necessity of uniting our federal strength to enforce a due respect among other nations .
The poet does not didactically try to persuade his friend of the alternative to the public life; rather, through four stanzas of rhyming tetrameter and trimeter, he offers suggestive details of the "hidden," retired, contemplative or cloistered life.
Although Siderits focuses on more subtle examples of such difficulties, I will illustrate the difficulties of reductionism by way of examples that strike me as more pressing, intuitively problematic, and didactically transparent.
Self-as-context is likely the most theoretically complex part of the ACTraining model and discussing SAC didactically can be counterproductive; however, the experiential exercises performed in coaching often lead to a greater understanding than the academic discussion about the SAC.
Hopefully, adults will encourage pleasure rather than use it didactically to teach phonics
Brunette remarks that the "intercuts between the merrymakers and the homeless men" are "heavily, almost didactically, oppositional" (110), and Arrowsmith that "what we see is emphatically informed by the context, the black-and-white photos of flophouse displayed against a glass of wine, napkins, plates of food" (111).