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This does not in any way place the concept of didacticism above the story itself; it only helps to emphasize the importance of storytelling and helps to make it a tool for socio change and development because as Chris Ngozi Nkoro rightly observes, it is "the drive to make a literary work of art grow from social experience" that "literature offers itself as an ally of society" (68).
The essence of his position is as follows: "The idea of art as a source of information or exemplary lessons in conduct has some merit, but information can be delivered in other ways more efficiently, and didacticism, like novelty, leaves out too much of what is peculiar and specific to art, while also excluding too many instances of art that could not plausibly be described as didactic.
Pruitt's work ultimately resists didacticism, forging instead a compelling restaging of both public and private received ideologies.
If there is weakness in the play, it is to be found in its didacticism.
But her lyrics eschew didacticism and direct attacks, favoring oblique insinuations instead.
While performances of wakoki are contextually distant from Qur'an recitation, and apparent thematic contradictions between religious didacticism and secular satire may be read in song texts, Mack suggests that influences from Islam and Western styles are nevertheless evident in Hausa women's song.
No didacticism, no whimsy, just four people with immaculate skills, a warmth and energy all sustained for nearly an hour of exquisite theatricality.
In turning to Lyly, Wilson clearly engages much more enthusiastically with her material and covers a lot of useful ground very economically, paying attention to questions of allusiveness and didacticism.
These two themes are dramatized in Chapter 5, in which Brown offers a compelling account of the experience of visiting the Museum of Tolerance and seeks to expose the moral didacticism at work there; a didacticism that, as her description of the 'Point of View Diner' explores, presses the museum to conjure up precisely the sort of stereotypes that it ostensibly aims to disrupt.
From its beginnings, Russian theatre was thoroughly imbued with a didacticism that distinguishes it from many other national traditions.
As his book trenchantly puts it: 'Modernist critics like Eliot, Pound and Yeats failed to appreciate that Shaw's didacticism in his text does not insist on any one particular reading or any one textual interpretation of his writing.
The foster care system, racial discrimination, and prejudice-induced self-loathing are only a few of the important topics Benedict tackles without didacticism.