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Didacticism takes different forms and can easily be contained in a story irrespective of the nature of problem the writer aims at correcting through his story and irrespective of the kind of European form the writer imports to tell his story.
Jason Taliadoros uses an anti-heretical polemic written by Master Vacarius to his friend Hugo Speroni as the foundation for a fascinating exploration of high-level didacticism missing its mark.
The conversation about didacticism is really a conversation about design, as evinced by Carroll's claim that didacticism "leaves out too much of what is peculiar and specific to art.
Mr Alpert and Mr O'Neill avoid didacticism while delivering a message that no one could plausibly call neutral.
For those who want to approach this literature for the first time, Stableford's desk dictionary will be the right choice for its didacticism and succinctness.
According to Gilbert-Santamaria, Aleman wants to share a moral didacticism that requires that his reader identify, to a degree, with the predicament of the protagonist, a marginal being who may have little in common with the average reader.
Nevertheless, much modern criticism of Edgeworth, in particular criticism of her children's books, still tends to focus primarily on her didacticism.
Determined to avoid preachy didacticism while striving for aesthetic excitement, Cohn's subjects tend to be "people who were essentially rendered invisible in our society, and as a result subject to exploitation and injustice.
This is true life coaching, but Maisel is never corny, nor does he preach or ever come near to didacticism in his writing.
An uncharacteristic lapse into didacticism, it was also redundant: His beliefs informed his essays.
Both plays are seen as teaching the terrible lessons of apartheid, yet do so according to a method that avoids the pitfalls of overt didacticism.
Rarely do they allow the audience to work; they revel in blatancy and didacticism, making points that few would argue with.