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No, no," quoth Robin hastily, and looking sideways at Little John, "thou didst not harm me.
Why, thou didst but just now rap me thrice, and I thee never a once, save by overbearing thee by my strength.
But, good master, I thought that thou didst love a merry story, because thou hast so often made a jest about a certain increase of fatness on my joints, of flesh gathered by my abiding with the Sheriff of--"
But now I bethink me, thou didst also seem minded to make a jest of the rain that threatened last night; so--"
If thou wilt have it so, thou wert right to abide wherever thou didst choose.
If it were a man whose existence thou didst doubt I could bring him to thee, could take him by the hand and show him to thee.
Why didst thou not keep a still tongue in thy head and let his patron saint look after the welfare of this princeling?
How long didst thou have her at any time before she fled?
I despise thy contempt; and when thou warnedst me--why didst thou not warn thyself?
Because no one sufficiently FLATTERED thee:--therefore didst thou seat thyself beside this filth, that thou mightest have cause for much grunting,--
Thou who didst from the beginning create male and female," the priest read after the exchange of rings, "from Thee woman was given to man to be a helpmeet to him, and for the procreation of children.
It is time for us to remember the words of the Psalmist: "Our fathers trusted in thee: they trusted, and thou didst deliver them.