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8) See, for example, Didymus the Blind, On the Holy Spirit, in Mark DelCogliano, Andrew Radde-Gallwitz, and Lewis Ayres (trans), Works on the Spirit (Yonkers, NY: St.
Thomas Didymus," marked as it is by doubt and absence, opened Levertov herself to an immanent, transcendent Other, through the practice of consenting attention.
Accordingly Chenopodium album, Chenopodium murale, Convolvulus arvensis, Melilotus indica, Anagallis arvensis, Cirsium arvensis, Coronopus didymus, Lathyrus aphaca, Medicago polymorpha, Polygonum plebejum, Rumex dentatus, Gallium aparine, Cnicus arvensis, Ephedra spp.
Eight species namely Ageratum conyzoides, Parthenium hysterophorus, Amaranthus viridis, Chenopodium murale, convolvulus arvensis, Brachiaria ramose, Cynodon dactylon and Dactyloctenium aegyptium exhibited 90% prevalence each Among others, 6 species namely Achyranthes aspera, Coronopus didymus, Cenchrus pennisetiformis, Dicanthium annulatum, Eragrostis poaeoides, Rumex dentatus, found in all the eight studied sites and showed 100% prevalence.
Among these ten weed genotypes, there were six annual weed species (Chenopodium album, Coronopus didymus, Cyperus difformis, Echinochloa colona, E.
Answering his own question, Gui replies: "Not indeed like [Thomas] Didymus in doubting, for our Thomas's hold on divine things was firm and sure; but resembling that Apostle in entering the abyss of the side of Christ .
The newspaper said the contract was signed in secret last month during a visit to Tehran by Didymus Mutasa, Zimbabwe's minister of state for presidential affairs.
Speaking at a meeting with Mugabe's special envoy to Tehran, Didymus Mutasa, the Iranian president said at the time that the Islamic Republic of Iran will stand by the African nation against the ongoing illegal pressures imposed by the hegemonic powers.
Didymus is brought before Valens, as Theodora turns herself in.
Like Jesus, Chaminuka had his own disciples, some of whom were Mushaninga, Murambwa and Dzukwa who, like the biblical Didymus later betrayed his master.