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25) Along, therefore, with the image of the theologian seated at a desk and earnestly devoted to the study of truth, another necessary image for Aquinas is that of the apostle Thomas Didymus falling to his knees at the feet of his Lord and God, and thereby acknowledging both the humanity and divinity of Christ, and becoming, in that moment, in the understanding of Aquinas, "a good theologian" ("bonus theologus").
Thomas Didymus," Denise Levertov offered a splendid alternative to the dead-letter translations.
When related to Weber's theory it is possible to see vague links to traditional legitimacy particularly when a close associate of Mugabe, Didymus Mutasa has told the BBC News Service (June 2005) that in Zimbabwean culture kings are not replaced until they die and Mr Mutasa says that Mugabe is the king.
William Butler Yeats," "Mimesis and Allegory," and his Didymus columns in The Commonweal show the evolution of his thinking on his Romantic inheritance--and his awareness of the way in which his thinking goes against his age's anti-Romantic thinking on that issue.
The whole plant aqueous extract of Coronopus didymus Linn, was fractionated on the basis of polarity and resulting fractions were evaluated for free radical scavenging ability.
Various prototypes have been suggested: Thomas Linacre; Jacobus Milichius; Isaac Casaubon; Greek scholars such as Theodorus Gaza, Argyropoulos, Demetrius Chalcondyles, and Janus Lascarius; Philip Charles Buttmann; Didymus Chalcenteros; and even Socrates.
The Didymus Contingency is a dark science fiction novel about a time-traveler turned widower.
To some extent, this issue was dealt with by the so-called Didymus or D scholia, a commentary that does little more than gloss words which would have proved difficult for a Greek-speaking Byzantine schoolboy of the fifth or sixth century CE.
But the minister of lands, Didymus Mutasa, said Zimbabwe would not halt its land reform programme in order to recover its "good standing" with the IMF.
345-410) enriched Western theology with his Latin translations of the Greek Fathers, albeit his predilection for Origen, inspired by studying under Didymus the Blind at
We would be better off with only six million people, with our own people who support the liberation struggle," commented secret-police chief Didymus Mutasa in 2002.