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According to Pascrell, the goal is to "reel in" secondary ticket markets--the act is a net designed to scoop up large-volume scalpers while letting die-hard fans and small fish swim on.
We are fans of Bruce Springsteen, but not die-hard ones.
It seems like a no-brainer that if it were enacted, different people would be sitting in the best seats at Springsteen's concerts this year--more die-hard fans like Schuster and fewer foot-tappers like us.
By the time we got to Ticketmaster, the race between the bots and die-hard fans was over, having been run months earlier.
It is like building slums on Park Avenue, but as we will see below, it serves a purpose: only some people--the die-hard fans--like to slum it.
Asked if the number of Duterte die-hards in the Senate could be less than five, Trillanes said: 'Mga ganun (Something like that).
At magugulat kayo kung ilan lang dito ang Duterte die-hard.
As well as Scotland having mostly try-hards, the highest proportion of die-hards are in London.
Try-hards, for example, really want to give up and are continually trying without luck as opposed to die-hards who don't even try.
But then die-hards are probably pretty skeptical about the movie to begin with.
And as for Rangers' die-hards like Ian Ferguson and Ian Durrant, they might know the words to "The Sash" but they couldn't lace Laudrup's boots.
In fact, their die-hard image has often served to shield their inadequacies on the big day.