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Away" from all matter and abstract dynamical physical laws, the Universe can thus be identified as a singular surjective-reflexive mirror of "superluminosity" upon which Reality "acts" trans-reflectively through Noesis and Differentia (especially the qualified infinitesimals), hence the sobriquet "Mirror-Universe" (which is particularly meaningful here, and may or may not be related to the use of the phrase in the description of an exciting geometric structure of the physical Universe as revealed in [8] and based on a chronometrically invariant monad formalism of General Relativity as outlined in [4, 9, 11]).
It said it has been a consistent view of the apex court that the classification was permissible, provided the same was backed by law, rules or was based on reasonable differentia.
The transcription factor MITF functions as a key regulator of melanocyte development, function and survival and regulates genes involved in cell cycle and melanocyte differentia (Hemesath et al.
44) Such classification of persons, however, must be based on "intelligible differentia which distinguishes those that are grouped together from the others that are left out.
This canvas of differentia Specifica poses a unique challenge to the development planners, the scientists and the social workers.
49) Abe Riazi, "TDR for Differentia Pair Characterization," Printed Circuit Design & Manufacture, September 2005, pgs.
6) In a perfect dichotomous division, each species will be defined solely by its final differentia, since this differentia implies all the previous differentiae.
She continues with action-angle variables, integrability and Galois groups (including the Arnold-Liouville theorem, as revisited through differentia Galois theory), Lax closing with an introduction to Lax equations as they apply to the Arnold-Liouville theorem.
The term al-natiq, signifying a differentia that distinguishes man from other animate beings and itself being a derivative of the root word nutq, marks the symbiosis between language and mind.
we can say nothing about them, except by naming them through their essence, that is to say by genus and differentia (not therefore 'this man' but 'man')" (1999: 23).