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So, blooded and bloodless animals could be divided into many forms by means of many differentiae, those forms being either atomic species or kinds that are further divisible.
The differentiae, which, as Gotthelf has shown, are collected and collated in preparation for the explanatory project, are logically independent.
Balme, "Aristotle's Use of Division and Differentiae," in Philosophical Issues in Aristotle's Biology, eds.
Aristotle adapts the system of multiple differentiae familiar in the biological works to increase the unity of the Meteorologica.
The scientific investigator of physical forms requires definitions that indicate forms in terms of their generic kinds and the differentiae that specify them.
While Deveaux agrees with Bennett that God is not identical with the attributes and that God is not identical with God's essence (if it were Spinoza's definition of 'essence' at 2d2 would be vacuous), she explains that Bennett's view 'has the distinct disadvantage that the trans-attribute differentiae are not conceivable' (54), which makes Spinoza's claim 'that the human intellect has an adequate idea of the essence of God' (55) highly questionable.
More specifically, beyond the general cultural capital that accrues eventually to innovation, the stylistic differentiae of the humanist presentation manuscript make a particular, legible cultural-political point by themselves.
Of course, emulation constantly disturbs these differentiae (for they have no absolute rationale-- and their inversion could easily be presumed), which leads to ever more differentiation--in this case, to younger and younger brides, or to more and more finicky eating habits--affecting not only what is eaten but whom one eats with.
On a hierarchical model of division, successive differentiae are supposed to be determined by the nature of the preceding differentia.
7) In History of Animals, in fact, he identifies four major differentiae in virtue of which animals differ: manner of life ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.
Ita pater quomoo in facultate duarum illarum rectarum linearum sint infinitae acutorum, obtusorum/que angulorum differentiae.
ca/[sim]cantus/ [accessed 4 April 2001]) figures prominently in this volume; particularly in Paul Merkley and Lora Matthews's comparison of modes and differentiae of antiphons and Psalm tones in assorted tonaries and Piacenza Bibl.