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Further analysis showed that 3,584 coding genes were differentially expressed between tumor and normal specimens.
2001) to identify genes that are significantly differentially expressed after chemical exposure.
1999) Rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) possess two somatostatin mRNAs that are differentially expressed.
By asking how a watershed event such as World War II differentially affected children in various developmental stages, this book is Tuttle's effort to take age seriously.
Protein biomarkers to differentially diagnose follicular thyroid carcinoma and follicular thyroid adenoma:
Specifically, the present invention provides nucleic acid sequences of differentially expressed splice variants of the Orphanin FQ receptor.
Thus, lead may differentially affect development of stem cells from different brain regions.
Also important is validation of differentially expressed genes by independent methods.
In addition, it provides a suite of advanced statistical analysis and visualization tools for data mining and discovery of potential protein biomarkers and proteins that are differentially expressed among different phenotypes or drug treatments.
In the brain tissue study, 177 genes were differentially expressed between disease and control, while 123 genes were found to be differentially expressed in the blood group.
Dietary flavonols quercetin and kaempferol are ligands of the aryl hydrocarbon receptor that affect CYP1A1 transcription differentially.

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