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When unexpected differentness emerged as the overarching theme that integrated the categories developed during axial coding, the researchers employed selective coding (Creswell, 1998).
Goffman (1963) identified the realities of the spoiled identity or an undesired differentness, and Susman (1994, p.
While some of the strategies are similar--particularly an emphasis on fear of sex and the dangers of premarital sex, as well as a sharp divide between men and women as essentially different--the Ivy League clubs more actively promote false sexual health information, acute homophobia, and--at least implicitly--their members' differentness from other college students.
Narrated by a comic pair of animals, a yakky flamingo and an interrupting anteater, "The Goat of Many Colors" tells the tale of a diving goat with special gifts who finds his true calling in a herd of wild goats after being rejected because of his differentness by the regular herd.
I'd be very hard to come up with any negatives here because we like the diversity and the differentness.
It is that the very differentness attributed to AIDS, especially in the health care setting, is one of the principal causes of internal stigma, or at least powerfully underscores it.
Perhaps these minority identifications also contributed to a lasting feeling of essential differentness.
To those, in other words, who do assert and display their differentness.
These literary expressions provide further explanation for Athanasius's observation about the differentness of monastic space.
An adolescent boy on the high-functioning end of the autism spectrum may be perceived as weird or awkward by his male peers, but he is still likely to find other boys who share his interests and who are willing to overlook his differentness.
It is not a failure, but a differentness that derives from diverse cultural and traditional conditions.