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Thus, while juveniles are different from adults, their sameness outweighs their differentness in this context.
When unexpected differentness emerged as the overarching theme that integrated the categories developed during axial coding, the researchers employed selective coding (Creswell, 1998).
These places already know the interconnected world and its reality of differentness in microcosm--it comes to their campuses intimately with international students and faculty.
This differentness may be best clarified on the basis of Gilles Deleuze's and Felix Guattari's theory of rhizome.
There's a subtle differentness, done for the enhancement of the dish, not for pretty-boy frivolity.
Independent self-construal involves an emphasis on differentness and uniqueness relative to others; hence, individuals with an independent self enhances their self-image in order to express their self more clearly (Abe et al.
Such perceptions are often mixed, including respect for the Chinese work ethic, a sense of mystery regarding Chinese culture, and often a sense of mistrust arising from the perceived differentness of that culture and commercial competition from Chinese products.
and this differentness over time has become an issue for the adoptees who are already grown, and will become an issue for the many adoptees who are still children as they grow up and find their place in the world.
16) They were resident, like other people, and comprehensible to them; but they were also aliens--distinctive from other people and hence, in their differentness, intriguing.
The collection provides a commentary on corruption in both its private and public manifestations, in their differentness as well as their links, focusing particularly on the ethical dimensions of such corruption.
Groups have a sense of differentness from the population, based on a salient and socially important characteristic.
You might think it would be easier, as a lesbian already on the fringe of society, to embrace my child's differentness.