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Hybomitra difficilis (Wiedemann), 1828 Florida Record: Philip 1961, FSCA Synonymy: Tabanus carolinensis, authors, not Macquart; Tabanus difficilis (Wiedemann), 1828
2 Viridans streptococci 5 Streptococcus agalactiae 4 Streptococcus anginosus 4 Streptococcus gordonii 2 Streptococcus gallolyticus ([dagger]) 2 Streptococcus mitis 2 Streptococcus dysgalactiae 1 Streptococcus oralis 1 Streptococcus difficilis ([dagger]) 1 Streptococcus pneumonia 1 Streptococcus sinensis ([dagger]) 1 Streptococcus spp.
Intestinal flora in newborn infants with a description of a new pathogenic anaerobe, Bacillus difficilis.
According to him, transumptio is a complex trope which includes several tropes and which he indicates as "ornatus difficilis.
Res est difficilis dietu The thing is difficult to write Jamdudum Jamdudum Since long ago.
LT 1 Coleoptera basalaris Say SW 4 Coleoptera griseus (Beauvois) LT 3 Coleoptera quercinus (Say) FG, LT, SW 25 Coleoptera americanus (Herbst) LT, SW 4 Coleoptera decumanus (Erichson) LT 19 Coleoptera dietrichi Quate DI 1 Coleoptera difficilis Blatchley LT 1 Coleoptera emissus (LeConte) LT 1 Coleoptera ignobilis LT, SW 2 (Melsheimer) Coleoptera indistinctus Quate LT 4 Coleoptera insipiens?
They named it Bacillus difficilis to reflect the difficulties they encountered in its isolation and culture.
But there are also translatio--the metaphor of hope hanging on a thread, and transgressio--the transposition of words out of their normal order, in Gandalf's "hope there is still": two examples of medieval ornatus difficilis, the "difficult" ornaments of style.
The true Argia difficilis Selys, 1865, with the description of Argia yungensis sp.
DIFFICILIS QVONDAM DOMINIS PARERE SERENIS IVSSVS ET EXTINCTIS PALMAM PORTARE TYRANNIS OMNIA THEODOSIO CEDVNT SVBLIQVE PERENNI TER DENIS SIC VICTVS EGO DOMITVSQVE DIEBVS IVDICE SVB PROCLO SV[PERA]S ELATVS AD AVRAS I was formerly reluctant to obey the serene masters, even when ordered to proclaim the victory after the extinction of the tyrants, but since all things yield to Theodosius and his everlasting offspring, I was conquered and subdued in three times ten days and raised to high heaven on the advice of Proc(u)lus.
Carbon and nitrogen content of fresh and preserved Nematocelis difficilis, a euphausiid crustacean.