difficult to accept

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It is difficult to accept his authority on animal welfare issues if he does not treat fellow humans with dignity and respect.
I just find it difficult to accept that we have to deal with yet another contentious decision that has not gone our way.
I find it difficult to accept that the statistics produced by Jobcentre Plus are accurate.
He said: "You look at the case of Eric Garner chok-ric choking to death on video, that is difficult to accept.
London, Aug 06 ( ANI ): A day before the Women's U-20 World Cup kicked off in Canada, FIFA President Sepp Blatter reportedly said that it is difficult to accept women in FIFA's executive committee because Football is very macho.
Change can be difficult to accept, especially in an aging loved one.
As a kid I found it difficult to accept whenever clubs changed their badges, so name changes are a real no-no.
He added that decision to close the dance studio was difficult to accept.
They still find it difficult to accept Pakistan as a sovereign country.
Thomas, who joined Wasps last summer from Lyon, said: "The decision becomes a lot easier once it is taken out of your hands, but it is still very difficult to accept.
I found it difficult to accept being disabled especially as I had spent my childhood playing sports.
But Russia has judged it difficult to accept Noda's visit then as Putin, who reportedly suffers serious back pain, has a tight diplomatic schedule in December, the source said.