difficult to alter

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Thus habit differs from disposition in this, that while the latter in ephemeral, the former is permanent and difficult to alter.
The result is a powerful survey that doesn't just present exercises for changing habits: it considers the latest research on those habits and why they are so difficult to alter, and it offers self-help collections a rare, specific examination into how to make these habit-altering changes a part of everyday life.
ADF have properties that make them more difficult to alter in order to gain an illicit high.
I suggested to Kenny that he move the show to March, when storms are less threatening, but he shared that "there are other shows then and vendor inertia that could prove difficult to alter.
Laminated sheets will make it more difficult to alter the details of the passport holder or to tinker with the dates of Rabies vaccination.
However, health also included the ability to accept with equanimity circumstances that were seemingly unjust but difficult to alter.
That failure could indicate that the placenta's microbiome is difficult to alter, he says.
He said: "Some listed buildings, like churches, are harder to convert because it's difficult to alter the structure.
Authorities note that personal checks are less likely to be tampered with because they are easier to trace and more difficult to alter.
With the US economic report slate empty due to a partial holiday today, the bull camp in silver might find it difficult to alter the initial profit taking track.
They''ve suggested putting amendments at the final budget meeting, but, really, the hard work is the weeks and months running up to that, and by then it''s difficult to alter one aspect of it without unbalancing the whole budget.
Jon Lees CONTENDERS What they say Henry Candy, trainer of Markab "Like all gentlemen of advancing years he is finding it quite difficult to alter the waistline, so I think he'll come on for the race.