difficult to break

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One morning, being left alone with him a few minutes in the parlour, I ventured to approach the window-recess-- which his table, chair, and desk consecrated as a kind of study--and I was going to speak, though not very well knowing in what words to frame my inquiry--for it is at all times difficult to break the ice of reserve glassing over such natures as his--when he saved me the trouble by being the first to commence a dialogue.
As for Albert and Franz, they essayed not to escape from their ciceronian tyrants; and, indeed, it would have been so much the more difficult to break their bondage, as the guides alone are permitted to visit these monuments with torches in their hands.
They sit back and we find it difficult to break them down.
Sapphire is considered the third-hardest material, and it creates glass that is extremely scratch resistant and difficult to break.
We found it difficult to break them down, but it wasn't nerves.
Billy Davies' side found it difficult to break down a well organised Preston team as the visitors defended in numbers and asked questions of the Reds' invention and creativity.
YOUNG adults are finding it difficult to break free from parents, both emotionally and financially, as they struggle to become independent, a study has found.
The card-school at the Olympic village has been very difficult to break into.
After the break, it was a more difficult encounter with Kendal seemingly stepping up a gear and proving difficult to break down despite Caldy having more possession.
They are all quality players so it is difficult to break through.
It's difficult to break down teams like that, but Yohan can open doors for us.
He opined that it would be very difficult to break up banks' investment and retail operations.