difficult to catch

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The Carabineers, judging that it would be very difficult to catch him, sent a large Mastiff after him, one that had won first prize in all the dog races.
He shared his food, his repose, and his thoughts; he knew his plans, guarded his secrets; and, impassive behind his master's agitation, without stirring the least bit, murmured above his head in a soothing tone some words difficult to catch.
Numa selected a sleek, fat filly and his flaming eyes burned greedily as they feasted upon her, for Numa, the lion, loves scarce anything better than the meat of Pacco, perhaps because Pacco is, of all the grass-eaters, the most difficult to catch.
People in the rear seats must find it difficult to catch all she says, while the opposite is the case with the Little Paddocks refugee cook, Mitzi, played with an irritating, OTT foghorn voice by Lydia Piechowiak.
The infection is difficult to catch but easy to treat with antibiotics.
It's very difficult to catch City but we shall try.
Common sense tells you it would be difficult to catch anyone spitting in the street red-handed.
Hassan Ghazwani, who took the video, said the bus was running at a speed of 180 km an hour and he found it difficult to catch up with it.
Here in the North-east and Yorkshire, standards of literacy (reading and writing) have suffered compared to the private sector and, not surprisingly, youngsters find it difficult to catch up.
Philip Lieberman, CEO of Lieberman Software, which builds anti-hacking technology for various organisations, revealed to USA Today that it is not difficult to catch hackers and many of them have already been caught.
Dr Allen, who has treated ebola victims in the Congo, Botswana and Ghana, says that although the disease has no cure, it's difficult to catch.
We even struggled in South Africa against Imran Tahir, our batsmen felt difficult to catch his googlies, flippers and leg spins," he said adding even against Samiullah Shinwari we struggled, and even during the Asia cup we struggled against Amit Mishra.