difficult to comprehend

References in classic literature ?
Tom and Ned found it difficult to comprehend all the rapid Spanish spoken by their host, but they managed to understand some, and his eloquent gestures made up the rest.
The details not only of how Karen was killed by Alexander Pacteau are bad enough, but information about what he did with the body afterwards is beyond difficult to comprehend.
Of course at that level the pace, effort, commitment and hard work required to hit those dizzying marks is difficult to comprehend.
Beckham added that the exposure he gets is difficult to comprehend and this year's Super Bowl was ridiculously embarrassing, as he had never seen so many billboards of himself in one city.
He said: "It's very difficult to comprehend what's happened.
I really find it difficult to comprehend the regressive attitudes in Saudi Arabia, which has the potential to make great headway in almost every field.
Summary: Members of the public attending Cityscape Global who found the technical terminology and property legalese difficult to comprehend were able to have their questions answered at the stand of the Dubai Land Department, or LD.
BLACKMAILING children online into performing lewd acts or physically harming themselves is behaviour so vile that any decent person will find it difficult to comprehend.
Where we have gone wrong in this country is to ignore centimetres and express all measurements less than one metre in millimetres, which are much more difficult to comprehend.
That so much pain and grief could be inflicted on participants and their loved ones during what should have been a moment of celebration was difficult to comprehend.
IT is difficult to comprehend the pain and suffering Nicola Furlong's family are facing.
THE PRESIDENT'S outburst against the Rector of the Cyprus University, Costas Christofides, during a graduation ceremony last Friday, was very difficult to comprehend, despite AKEL's subsequent efforts to justify it.