difficult to translate

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It may be easy to discuss in a class room or a seminar but difficult to translate into action.
It is also often difficult to translate sustainability-related benefits into business terms.
Military victory in southern Yemen may prove difficult to translate into sustainable political achievement.
Objective: Cell fate conversion processes bear considerable therapeutic potential yet are poorly understood, and have thus remained slow, inefficient and difficult to translate into medical applications.
I didn't have an option in the matter and it's difficult to translate how you feel about it.
Proust's long, complex sentences are difficult to translate.
Dr Douglas Morrison, who is also the co-author of the study, has reported, "It is often difficult to translate these findings directly into successful human interventions.
Such value is difficult to translate into economic value because public lands are not bought and sold on the market, the Y said.
It's difficult to translate the findings into risks for a given sheesha smoker, Mr St Helen said.
Although India had been reportedly expected to become Facebook's biggest market in terms of number of users later this year, it will always be difficult to translate that into ad dollars for the Palo Alto based company anytime soon.
The only need, which surely is very difficult to translate into action, is that in the present offices the staff come in time, they do not leave their seats turn by turn, use of mobile phones by staff dealing with the public be banned and above all senior management staff pay frequent surprise visits.
The different syllabic lengths of the lines make the anthem difficult to translate with fidelity into English verse.